Muffin Monday #3

Bob looked into the sky and wondered. Earlier, he had met a particularly dumb croissant. The croissant tried to explain that bakery workers weren’t evil but instead they sold muffins because they lived in a society where it’s commonplace to work in a job you don’t like in order to get money in order to survive. But the croissant was almost certainly wrong. I mean, why would the human race consume resources at a ridiculous rate just so a couple people can live on the masses. And then it struck bob. Right in the noggin. He realised that humans weren’t the most advanced species on the planet, simply the most greedy. If baked treats had not been lazy, they would be eating the humans. They pretended that they were intelligent and civilised, when really most of them are just a collection of people who’s desires are dictated by a green piece of paper. A green piece of paper fought for all over the world, the source of all hatred and pain. A group of people who let a green piece of paper prevent happiness. Really what Bob wanted to fight was not the people, but the corporate snakes who enslaved both their own and the baked treats. And Bob knew who he was going to conquer. Not the baker but the evil, the malevolent GORDON RAMSEY.

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