A kid’s view of politics #1: Labour will win the general election

Please quote me on this after the election. Everyone says “Oh Labour have no chance” and to that I present a list of blatant resasons that we will have our first proper socialist government:

  1. Labour are the only party with a positive political platform as opposed to one built off fear and ‘this will happen if they win’ and that is very appealing
  2. The odds of Jeremy Corbyn becoming party leader was 1 in 200, and the odds of Labour winning are much higher.
  3. They managed to gain 10 percent in 2 days because of the Tories disastrous campaign
  4. One of the songs in the charts now is a Theresa May protest song called liar liar.
  5. Labour appeals to the younger generation, are turning over the favour of middle-class women and are slowly but surely getting more votes from the elderly.
  6. People want a change candidate, and Jeremy Corbyn is just that.
  7. A lot of other people think they’ll win
  8. Most of the doubters are just Conservatives trying to discourage Labour voters from voting
  9. Jeremy Corbyn has got the support of many bands and artists in the music world.
  10. Theresa May bases herself off Margret Thatcher. And Jesus, nobody wants more Margret Thatcher

And if you do live in England, VOTE LABOUR. Because the conservatives are the kind of rich snobs nobody wants to be friends with.


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