Songs of the day #5

  • Bohemian rhapsody – Queen:

Why: It’s the song that I sing in the shower and it’s awesome.

  • Kill a hipster – Watsky:

Why: This song is so good. It’s a trendsetter hating rap with a Latin beat and it’s so out there

  • Purple Rain – Prince:

Why: I spent last night listening to an improvised solo on this song that he performed on YouTube entitled the Pure Dopeness of Prince – Purple Rain solo and it’s literally face melting.

  • Dedicated to Christina Li – Watsky:

Why: A early Ed Sheehan style ballad, but with much better lyrical content

  • I’ve seen that movie too – Elton John:

Why: Self explanatory.

  • Europe is lost – Kate Tempest:

Why: Bleak, depressing, dark poetry. 

  • Love you to the sky – Erasure:

Why: The new Erasure album is actually really good, better than the mixed reception that it got.

  • Sign of the times – Harry Styles:

Why: So good.

  • Ode to sleep – TØP:

Why: It’s like Kendrick Lamar, My chemical romance, old Linkin Park and every other genre mixed into one awesome explosion of awesomeness.
Everybody wants to rule the world – Tears For Fears:
Why: A bit of 80’s cheesiness to end this songs of the day

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