Random spewing of thoughts #8: Trends.

Do you know why I wish it was still the 80’s? Because there were no trends. And your social class wasn’t decided was whether you conformed to fidget spinners, water bottle flips and Chuck Noriss memes. People always tell me, ‘oh well, the trend won’t last for that long’ but every time you cut off one head, 2 grow back in its place. And then they tell me that they’ll grow out of it. But I doubt that will happen for a long, long time. Because when I look at people 4 or 5 years older than me, they’re still dabbing. Because to be popular, you have to be a douchebag and do the same as everybody else. Wait, only being accepted if you’re the same as everyone else? Haven’t I heard that before? Oh yes, it’s basically communism. And not Marxism, but the kind described in another brick in the wall part 2 by Pink Floyd. Except this time, it’s us, the meme generation, that is digging the conformist hole. And do you know what? I bet half of us don’t even know what conformist means. 

I try to explain to my friends that fidget spinners are stupid, and they say ‘ oh but they help my fidgeting habit’ and to that I say what is the difference between pushing buttons on a fidget cube and pushing normal buttons. It doesn’t help you, it makes you fidget MORE. 

And it’s not the adult’s fault. It’s ours.


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