The matrix review

The matrix. One of the most amazing movies ever. The only movie that could give copious amounts of fighting philosophical meaning. The only movie that could please both the philosophical thinkers and the kids who like cool fighting scenes. And I think it shows something about the state of the blockbuster genre these days. It used to be that Hollywood would take on the most ambitious of projects, would take risks, and would create pieces of art. But now, it’s all just reboots and sequels. Filmaking will never be as ambitious and risky. And this is one of the last risks Hollywood has taken. Sure, there have been some great movies in the last decade. But they are just sequels (Captain America: Civil War, The dark knight, etc.). From the opening to the first time Neo comes out of the Matrix to bullet time, this movie contains some of the best scenes film has ever given us. And it always will. 

Because Keanu Reeves can be a great actor when he wants to be.

Rating: 10 / 10

Muffin Monday the story is coming later today.

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