Muffin Monday Chapter 1: Revelations

Thanks to the great awesome for this idea, which I will be pursuing every week as I devour a muffin.

Bob woke up to the sound of a massacre. As the shopkeeper opened the door, a million schoolchildren rushed in, taking away his brothers to eat before the day began. Yesterday, his girlfriend Paula was eaten by a fat boy named Jimmy. Jimmy knew the shopkeeper well, and had eaten most of Bob’s friends. Life was grim as a baked treat. ‘Maybe one day I will be spared of my meaningless existence’ Bob thought. He was a mouldy muffin, and nobody wanted to eat him. Until today. Today, he was the only muffin left. And so today, he was selected to be the next victim of the slaughterhouse known as the cafe. Bob was happy for it all to end. But as the comforting hand of death neared him, he had a revelation. He found his purpose in his life. And his purpose was to save the lives of the babies who would meet the same fate as all of his ancestors had before him. So he ran away. He scuttled out of the hand of death. He ran through the crowd, out of the shop, and for the first time in his life, outside.

Chapter 2 coming next Monday!

Once the whole thing is done, I’ll post it as the entire story!


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