Songs of the day #3

I know it doesn’t make sense to post songs of the day in what is the morning for me and the middle of the night for most of my viewers, but I needed to do a post so here you go:

  • Love is a losing game – Amy winehouse

Why: Best song of the 21st century. Period

  • Lovely thing suite pt 1: Conversations – Watsky

Why: This song showcases Watsky’s poetic side properly and is so emotional.

  • Show me mercy – DREAMCAR

Why: From the AFI / No Doubt supergroup’s debut.

  • In the end – Linkin park

Why: Brief escape from the cancerous new album.

  • Cliffs of Dover- Eric Johnson

Why: One of the best guitarists ever 

  • Highway chile – Jimi Hendrix 

Why: 50th anniversary of are you excperienced was last week 

  • Obsession – Cabaret Voltaire

Why: This song is so strange yet compelling, like a lot of the Cabaret Voltaire back catolouge.

  • Revolving doors – Gorillaz

Why: This song from the fall is just so good and is one of the best songs by Gorillaz.

  • Fake happy – Paramore 

Why: one of the best tracks from their new album

  • Back to black – Amy Winehouse

Why: Amy winehouse is a legend.

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