Random spewing of thoughts #5: Art

Ok. So there are three reasons why I didn’t properly post today. A) I was too busy playing the brand new injustice 2 (hehe it rhymes), B) I wasn’t bothered and C) I went to the park. Now, I didn’t want to go to the park because I’d much prefer sitting on the sofa writing posts instead of walking aimlessly, but I didn’t have a say. So we went there, and there was this pop up art exhibition selling art from galleries all over Europe. Now, I love some art, but I absolutely HATE art galleries because they are so boring and the pictures don’t look nice. But I was actually surprised at the number of great pieces of art there were there. So instead of doing anything original, I’m sharing some of the artwork there:

Hope you liked that and see you next time for a real post!


One thought on “Random spewing of thoughts #5: Art

  1. lhammondsoas

    So it was good that you went to the park after all – wasn’t it? So maybe your mum does know what’s good for you once in awhile…heeheeheehee!!!!!

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