Yesterday, in songs of the day #2, I included Moral Of The Story by an artist called watsky. I only knew that song by him, after DumCheesr included it in his 5 day song challenge. Then , the_great_awesome told me to listen to woah woah woah. I was seriously impressed. And so I listened to sloppy seconds (from cardboard castles) and talking to myself (from infinity x). And so, by today, I have listened to all of his albums besides the self titled one and watched all of the music videos. Sometimes I say that there are no great upcoming artists. And now I realise that I was so wrong. Because Watsky is the single best thing to happen to rap and hip hop since public enemy and RUN-DMC. These songs have the best lyrics that have ever been spoken by a rapper. Yes. They’re that good.

And so, for any of you who don’t know watsky, here is the guide to listening:

  1. The moral of the story is
  2. Woah woah woah
  3. Sloppy seconds
  4. Talking to myself
  5. The entirety of infinity x

So I thank the_great_awesome and DumCheese for showing me one of the best artist of the 21st century.

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