Songs of the day #1

Now, I might not do this every day, but I’ll try. Here’s my pick for my ten songs of the day:

  • For a pessimist, I’m pretty optimistic – Paramore

Why: New album coming out next week

  • Hallelujah Money – Gorillaz

Why: Because Gorillaz.

  • Voodoo child – Jimi Hendrix 

Why: I’m hooked on Jimi Hendrix right now and this is one of his best songs

  • Phoner to Arizona – Gorillaz 

Why: I thought the fall was a bad album, and while it’s not the best, after a recommendation by DumCheese, I gave the album another go, and I love this song now.

  • Ode to sleep – TØP

Why: This is probably in my opinion the best TØP song, because it embraces their cross genre feel and sounds like a cross between My Chemical Romance, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and Nine Inch Nails, which sounds strange but is absolutely awesome

  • When doves cry – Prince

Why: One of the best songs ever.

    • Lessons in love – Level 42

    Why: It’s at the same time catchy and a brilliant song in terms of lyrical value, which is really impressive. Also, I have an unhealthy obsession with the 80’s.

    •  Careless whisper- George Michael

    Why: Like I said, I love the 80’s

    • For the love of god – Steve Vai

    Why: This guy is inhumanely good at guitar and this song is basically just a 6 minute solo.

    • School days – Chuck Berry

    Why: Partly a tribute to chuck berry and also the lyrics feel relevant nearly 70 years after.

    Anyway, byeeeeeeeee!

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