Random spewing of thoughts #4

Yesterday, I tried to write a song. But I find it kind of hard to create poetic lyrics when I’m blimming angry about everything. So this is the subject of today’s random spewing of thoughts. A rant about politics, how I didn’t have enough money for Muffin Monday yesterday (I’ll explain later) and everything in between.


Now, I may just be an 11 year old, but I know enough to know that Donald Trump is perhaps the worst thing for America since Reagan (Yes, I’m counting Bush) and Theresea May (Prime minister of Britain) models herself off Margret Thatcher. Great. It’s the 80’s without Culture Club, Live Aid and Ferris Bueller’s day off, but with the whacked up politicians who are about as clever as pigs. What is Trumpcare meant to achieve besides being a platform for bigots to take away affoardable health care. Exactly how does that fix Obamacare? And don’t get me started on the NHS. I mean, WHAT QRE YOU TRYING TO ACHEIVE? It’s not going to win them popularity, just make everyone angry with them. The Tories are a bunch of rich idiots who don’t care about anything. I mean, at least Jeremy Corbyn has good intentions! Sure, his policy for taxing people who go to private schools will basically mean private school is only for upper class, but a bit of socialism can’t be worse than a Prime Minister who actively opposes the HUMAN RIGHTS ACT. I mean, how could any sane human oppose human rights? Anyway, enough on politics.
Muffin Monday 

For the past year, I have coped with Monday by eating a muffin (such a healthy lifestyle😁). Yesterday though, I went to purchase the muffin and I was 50p short. I fumbled around my pockets and found my change from last muffin Monday, and I found out the guy at the cafe scammed me and gave me ten Maritius rupees, which looks identical to a 50p coin. WHAT AM I MEANT TO DO WITH RUPEES?! So, I didn’t have my muffin, and my Monday was ruined. And they don’t sell truffles, so so can’t do Truffle Tuesday.


I don’t even have to explain why I didn’t like spending an hour on Mandarin revision that was meant to take 1/3 of that time. It’s self explanatory.

So that’s why I haven’t been able to write a song.


4 thoughts on “Random spewing of thoughts #4

      1. the_great_awesome

        No it must be on Monday. Or just every day. But that wouldn’t be healthy……unless it was a healthy muffin but they don’t taste as good…..

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