Tests. We all hate them. They cut into our lives and we don’t want to do them. Why? Because they’re stupid and don’t actually test your skill level on a subject. For instance, say someone was taking a baking test and every single challenge was about sponge cake, and cooked amazingly at everything besides sponge cake. The standardised testing will tell them that they are not good at baking when in fact they’re the next Gordon Ramsey (TV chef). And don’t just take it from me. The guy who made standardised testing said, and I quote:
“Standardised testing is too crude to be used”.
And still, our education system still uses it because they’re run by a bunch of rich farts who don’t know anything about us, the subjects of their testing. You can’t judge something by a set of ticks and crosses, it doesn’t work AT ALL.
 And they know that we hate tests, so they say it’s not a test, it’s just a “maths challenge performed under test conditions which you have to revise for and have to take part in”. Yes, my maths teacher actually said that.
Tests were invented at a time when education was used to turn us into mindless drones. And unlike everything else, nothing has changed. 
Because the people who make these tests don’t care about us. They only care about pencil marks on a sheet of paper.
P.S. Gorillaz review is coming later today because like the doosh lord that, I am, I forgot to download it on my phone for the ride to school.

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