The hidden narrative in the TØP songs

Migraine: the start of Tyler’s dark side
Stressed out- Not today – Goner – car radio: The build up of his depression.
Doubt: Tyler opening up about his dark thoughts
Heavydirtysoul: Tyler finally fighting against his demons
The cover of blurryface are the nine states of Tyler’s mind with 2-8 being the songs that I mentioned and the first and ninth circle being pre and post blurryface. And in the cover, the word blurryface is struck through with a line, which represents Tyler ending Blurryface in the album with heavydirtysoul.
The cover of regional at best represents Tyler playing against his dark side for control of his life .
The vessel cover represents Tyler worrying about dying old when he wants to die before he’s old, which is an actual lyric in a TØP song.
And the cover of the self titled represents how Tyler feels as he goes through stages 2-8. There at 7 stages of blurryface right? And 28 – 7 equals 21, right? And blurryface is trying to take control of Tyler, you could even say that blurryface was trying to pilot him. 
And therefore, Twenty one pilots.
P.S. I know this isn’t what the name represents, and I have a feeling I’m wrong about the making of the album covers, but it was pretty fun to come up with, so I don’t care. Also I needed a filler post since the gorillaz album isn’t out until tommorow.

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