Ferris bueller’s day off review

Ahhhh the 80’s. I have no idea what they were like considering I was born 25 years too late but if the countless tv shows and movies that take place in them have any indication of what they were like, then they must have been so fun. Like seriously, this movie is perfect because it doesn’t want to be taken seriously, and it is so enjoyable you won’t take it seriously. But if you were to take it seriously, you would still LOVE it. Because even though dark, psychological films like the Dark Knight will always be classics because of their terrific bleakness, this movie will be a classic because it is so uplifting and so fun to watch. I’m pretty negative sometimes, but this movie just makes me feel so happy. And that’s so perfect, because in the movie Ferris is trying to get Cameron to have a good time, and that is what this movie does to people. So in a sense you are Cameron and the movie feels more real.

 Yeah I don’t really have much more to add so I’ll just say this.



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