Ed sheeran: Divide album review/thoughts

I’m slightly dissapointed. The problem here was not the songs, it was the lack of anything that sounded original and new. He hasn’t progressed as an Artist, and as an artist, it sounds like something he might of pieced together as a collection of demos written between Plus and Multiply. And even the songs that were good sounded too similar to previous material (How would you feel (paean) is very similar to thinking out loud, Happier is a less beautiful version of Tenerife Sea). The only completely new material in this album was Shape of you, which both melodically and lyrically is a low point for the album, an uninteresting stereotypical pop song that a 5 year old could have made up.

 Ed seems to be trading the beauty of his early EP’s like loose change for the arena ready, radio ready songs that he has avoided in the past. However, he is partially redeemed by Supermarket Flowers, a track that shows what this album could have been.Hopefully, he’ll find his footing and we’ll have the follow up to Multiply that we were hoping for.

Rating: 5/10