The lego batman movie review

The title lego batman movie is brought down by it’s branding. Naturally, the average movie watcher wouldn’t watch it because of the natural assumption that it would just be another attempt for badly disguised commercialism by lego. However, it explores a side of batman that we haven’t seen since the Dark Knight. But unlike the Dark Knight, which tests Batman’s limits as a person, the lego batman movie explores the idea that Batman is so isolated from the rest of the world that when crime dies, his life is meaningless. Not only that, but it has a kick-ass soundtrack that inadvertently makes death metal rapping acceptable in a childen’s movie and plays snippets of wham! and Rick Astley, a homage to the parents watching. But at it’s heart it’s a beautiful movie about friendship and somehow manages to be as serious as the Dark Knight and as light hearted as the lego movie, and that makes it one of the best films that has been made in the past decade, and that’s why I am in all seriousness, giving a lego movie a 10.