Singles and EP’s roundup: 03/02/17



When I first heard this song, I thought it meant good things from Nickleback. Maybe they’re exploring new territories. Maybe Nickleback won’t be such a joke. But as I was searching up feed the machine, under the videos heading, I saw something that caught my eye. A song called feed the machine by RED. Well, that’s a bit of a coincidence, but I wasn’t convinced Nickleback were plagiarising again, so I had a listen to the song. The subject matter is exactly the same, the musical direction is exactly the same, the vocals themselves are very similar, and the song is basically a cover with a few of the words switched around. Well, maybe that’s what they intended it to be. After scrolling through 10 pages of safari results, there was still nothing. So yes, Nickelback have not changed. They are still plagiarising great songs and claiming them as their own and they are still getting away with it, taking any musical quality out of it.

Rating: 2/10



The new single from spirit, their upcoming album is politically infused and up there with tracks like ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ and ‘Personal Jesus’, yet it is haunting in it the opening instrumentals that reflect the darkness of trump’s america, then anthemic with a chorus that proves that electronic music can still be like it’s highs in the 80’s. DEPECHE Mode have written one of the best singles of the year so far, and if the whole album is of this quality, then it may be the best album of early to mid 2017. This is Depeche Mode returning to their best




Blondie are releasing a new album, their first original material since ghosts of download, but blondie have returned with an insanely catchy 80’s style pop-rock song that is just as fun as its title may suggest. The new album looks very interesting, with collaborators such as Sia, who I respect as an artist but may not bring the right tone to the album, Charli XCX, who’s music I don’t like but could make something great with Debbie Reyes stopping it from becoming too pop, and Jonny Marr from the Smiths, a collaboration which I am genuinely excited about. The track is a great start to the new album, and should prove to make for an interesting album.




Imagine Dragons have changed a lot since night visions. The songs are not as emotionally charged in terms of sounds, but the vocals have a similar impact to that of their debut, and are starting to have a twenty one pilots style in the verses, which sounds good but isn’t as good as their older stuff. It is more rock heavy then most of the songs on smoke + mirrors, but it shows good things for the future of Imagine Dragons.