Gorillaz: Hallelujah Money track review

OK. Everyone has been freaking out about this, and everywhere on YouTube I’m seeing comments saying they have been escaping this ‘horrible’ new song and listening to Feel Good Inc. and I have to say, as with everything post-Demon Days, you have to let it grow on you. Saying Gorillaz should be like old Gorillaz is like saying that Bowie should have been like old Bowie with Blackstar (Bowie was better, but you get the point). If you only appreciate the self titled album and Demon Days, then you aren’t really a huge fan of gorillaz. The song has the same vibes as some of the tracks on plastic beach and is really enjoyable once you have given it a couple of tries. In addition, it is even better than some of the tracks on the self titled album in terms of lyrical content, and the apocalyptic imagery in the background gives it the creepiness of Fire Coming Out Of The Monkeys Head or Clint Eastwood. In fact, it would fit almost perfectly on Plastic Beach, continuing the man-made, dystopian imagery that we saw in Plastic Beach. The argument that it is not enough like Demon Days is redundant as most of the themes are the same, and the only difference is the musical direction, and I have no doubt that if there were collaborations on Demon Days, then it would sound fairly similar to Plastic Beach. As a band, Gorillaz have to evolve their sound and that is exactly what they are doing, and just because this sounds different, doesn’t necessarily mean the new album is going to sound like that at all, because this is NOT a single as this screenshot proves:

Therefore, everyone needs to stop complaining about this song and actually give it a chance, realising that this is not what the album will sound like. It is an amazing track and the artistic vision brought to it by Benjamin Clementine (the poet collaborator) makes it one of the best track I have heard for a while. Full stop.

Rating: 9/10

P.S: If you think I’m the only one who thinks that people should stop criticising the new song if they only know Demon Days, then read this.