Falling in reverse thoughts

I was going to put the review for the new track on another edition of singles and EP’s roundup, but there wasn’t much new besides the new AFI album and the gorillaz singles, and I want to review them individually because I have been anticipating the new gorillaz track for a very long time and I need more material to make a Singles and EP’s roundup. 

Anyway, the new Falling in Reverse single seems to be going down the same path that the falling in reverse albums are on. From the hard rock debut of The Drug In Me Is You, to the emo pop-punk Fashionably Late and then the pop-rock with an edge style Just Like You, each album has been more mainstream than the last, which is not necessarily the worst thing that could happen to them. Although their debut is undisputedly their finest work, trying to replicate it would fail and Coming Home looks to be the joint second best album along with Fashionably Late. The band have seemed to have recovered from Just Like You, which in my opinion was a great album, but the musical direction felt confused, unlike the new singles, which have a space style vibe to it. It is a lot harder than most mainstream rock, but the band embrace change and prove that they are not just a screamo band. 

‘Loser’ rating: 8.5/10

‘Coming Home’ rating: 8.5/10