Singles and EP’s and albums roundup: 06/01/17

2017 looks good for the future of music. With new albums by Eminem, 50 cent, Jay-Z, Gorrilaz, Beck, Depeche mode, the Killers, the XX, Marylin Manson, Paramore, Arctic monkeys (maybe), Ryan Adams, Queen Of The Stone Age (I think?) and upcoming artists, the music industry has much to look out for. Here are my opinions on the albums, EP’s and singles of the week.



After their melancholy debut album which had all the traits of a nine inch nails record if you strippped away most of the instruments or a more civilised version of PIL’s Metal Box. They seemed to have evolved from that stage to create their own sound instead of drawing form others, although the vocal style has hints of black veil brides on the sentient but sounds like the menacing intros on some of marylin mansons songs (intro of the beautiful people) at the start an then evolving into several different vocal styles that I have never heard before on one track. Each song brings something new but still blend into each other. Each of the members has a unique contribution, and stray away from sounding like Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age or At The Drive-In, the previous or other bands of each member and has come a long way since their formation last year.




Great for a pop song, but not very good for Ed Sheeran, the lyrics have little meaning but still the song forces me to like it. Comparing this to the A-Team is a bad idea, as it would be like comparing Integrity Blues and Bleed American. The reason why this song attracts me but repels me is that it reminds me of Lukas Graham with the I Took A Pill In Ibiza style cringe-worthy tropical house instrumentals with the clapping in the background sounding painfully like Cups. But at the same time, it has lyrical value and Isn’t blatantly egoistical like most pop songs out there. So mixed feelings.



This is the good old Ed Sheeran that I am used to. This is a song that would fit into a deluxe edition of multiply and if it’s good enough for the best pop album since the 70’s, then it is good enough for me. There is lyrical value and the sound doesn’t feel manufactured like so much pop does these days. It has the traits of the old albums and yet brings a new sound, evolving from what it was because it can’t replicate A-Team or Photograph. Although it has the same theme as 7 years, it has much more emotional power to it and there is actual musicality. Hopefully the rest of this album will be like this single.


P.S: I know I forgot night people by you me at six, that’s going to be my next review.