Singles and EP roundup: 23/12/16

I wasn’t aware of any of these releases until I stumbled upon them and wasn’t expecting a batch so good, but I was proved wrong. Here is my singles and EP roundup for this week



Actually really good. Some people have said it disappointed, but this is one of my current favourite tracks from this band, and I haven’t heard anything as enjoyable as that since the drug in me is you or when they were escape the fate. It turns towards a more black veil brides style of vocals, with the avenged sevenfold of starting out the song with lullaby style music and then building into metal with albums such as nightmare. This seems to have mixed reactions by hardcore fans, at least according to the comments section of altpress right now. The song itself doesn’t have such a powerful narrative drive  as the drug in me is you, but as a single, I am looking forward to the new album.

Rating: 8.5/10



I was ready to have a go against Twenty One Pilots with this, but it’s pretty fun and it’s free (on the internet not the iTunes Store) so whatever. It doesn’t add anything and it kind of feels like a demo compilation of some solid T.O.P songs and I  Would have it downloaded as an audio file so I can’t say anything bad against it. You can download it at alternative press and probably some other sites (I’ll bet the twenty one pilots website will have it) so download it.

Rating: 7/10 



Before this EP, I hadn’t heard any Nine Inch Nails songs and excpected them to be very metal, but the industrial, melancholy, synth rock you would excpect to hear on a gorrilaz record gave me a pleasent surprise, with ‘Dear World,’ standing out as a very enjoyable listening experience. It is also a deviation from the Marilyn Manson tainted love style Mr. Self destruct or the entirely unique mush of genres in Closer that sounds like Red Hot Chilli Peppers with distorted vocals and more bass. The only mediocre song is the Public Image Limited style, psychotic ‘She’s gone away’. It worked in Metal box because it was original, but if some of the songs by black crowes are any indication of how that only works once and only when attempted by John Lydon. So please don’t do that in the rest of the album.

Rating: 8/10



Black Veil Brides have barely changed since their rise in 2010, but that’s not necessarily bad. Each attempt takes their successes and build on them, and the new addition seems to be better riffs at 0:30 and slightly better guitar work. But it is more polished than the last album, and I have confidence that each single will build on the successes and experiment with subtle yet effective changes. The most likely outcome is that it will leave most people thinking that this is better than the epic album that was the wretched and the divine but not being able to pinpoint why. Because that seems to be the way of black veil brides. To slowly build on their style until they have perfected it.

Rating: 9/10