J Cole 4 your eyez only

Similar to the game’s 1992 in subject matter but much more melancholy and dark style than 1992. I am not disappointed with this release but it is not easy listening and It would be hard to frequently listen to this record despite it’s genuis because of the depressing undertones and at times soulful feeling that it brings with it. The messages of inequality and good in a world of bad are beautifully poignant , blended with jazz, drums and bass. It is true to the current situation in America, and strays from the hip hop cliches that we have grown so accustomed to over the past few years and tells a story that is true unlike  Kanye pretending there are no problems or Drake rapping about his own wants. It is a rare album that tells the truth about society, an album about the problems of the human race, an album with emotion and heart, an album that doesn’t whine about how said rapper is so good. I plan to buy this album, which I don’t usually fo with hip hop albums but this is too good to pass

Rating :9/10