Rogue one review


I was worried that this movie would be too war heavy, or that it would feel too dark, and it was war heavy and dark, but it made for a very good movie and helped the movie excel to being my joint second favourite Star Wars movie (second to empire, and on par with a new hope). 

 However, it is incredibly bleak, with the death of every character including Jyn and the death of the two people who raised her. Jyn’s death is just shattering, and she was a excellently written character. I know it wouldn’t make much sense, but they could have forced them into hiding until episode 8 or 9 (probably 9 as 8 has finished shooting already) and not only would it be beneficial for the viewers, it would be good for merch as less people are going to buy merch of a character that wil never appear in the movies again. 

There are plot holes, such as the dissapearance of a star destroyer that crashes into the shield covering the planet then just dissapears or the fact that the time it takes to destroy a planet is much larger than it is in a new hope, and they would have not had time to increase the power of the Death Star by so much in the few days between the two movies (my best estimate since the end leads up to the first scene of a new hope), but all movies have their flaws. The director said rouge one promotes multiculturalism fighting against a vicious regeime, which is a reflection of Trump’s America, which makes the movie even more melancholy with the message that if you fight for something that you believe in then you will achieve your goal but only after everyone you care about is murdered or dies in self sacrifice. What a lovely message. The movie is wonderfully dark, but sometimes, the crushing melancholy is over the top. The characters are fleshed out and realistic, and have strong narrative drives.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone who likes Star Wars or movies in general, although if you are a fan of lighter movies with comedy in it then come prepared. My only real problem with this movie was the lack of opening credits and the abscence of John Williams, but those don’t make the movie worse they are just things that would make the nostalgia of the setting so close to the 1977 movie that started everything slightly less present. But that doesn’t matter though, as Grand Moff Tarkin and a Vader scene is enough to please me.

Rating: 9/10