2016 music overview

Right, so I have finally decided to review this year as a whole, and believe me, i have not been looking forward to this. This year was a year of me discovering bands and then realising they have already broken up (MCRX), bands creating cash grabs that fans will be too excited about to provide any reasonable criticism to it (Blink-182), disgusting pop c**p (juju on that beat, charlie puth, etc.) and the death of multiple much loved pop artists (david bowie, prince) and so now it is time to write constrructive criticism (and mild ranting) on a year that has been about terrible music making it to the top because nobody would dare be different so they will not give criticism.

This year was the death of the hipster. Everyone is so obsessed with the same thing that if you don’t like the content that everyone else likes you are a social pariah. Trust me I know that. Everyone is calling themselves hipsters when since everyone is calling themselves a hipster, they are by definition not hipsters! enough about hipsters. Let’s review the year in music.


This year was truly saddening for pop music. You would think the death of two pop icons would force artists to pay tribute but instead we get megan trainor and her egoistical songs about how she is the centre of the universe. I hate this. Siashows some talent, but if this tear wasn’t so dissapointing, I wouldn’t even think about listening to her music.



This year was suprisingly good for metal, as more artist and fans have grown to accept the label of metal and artists have released incredibly popular albums such as alter bridge’s the last hero or metallica’s hardwired to self destruct (i don’t know whether I am going to review this as I have never reviewed a metal album before, but it is very good) and the respect of metal is growing on a whole.

Rating: 9/10


The year has been mixed, with not much activity besides the sex pistols manager going on a rampage on the privatisation of punk, and a couple of bands making new albums (green day doesn’t really count because revolution radio isn’t really punk even though the band is) such as against me, but nothing really shines through.



Basically, electronic artists are now almost always pop artist now (I was really disappointing when daft punk collabed with the weekend) or were never electronic artists before but are with new albums (two door cinema club. Nothing really came out of this year and I am straying away from this kind of stuff because it’s just discouraging



I’m talking about this a lot but it applies to almost all games and it is the watering down of music in an attempt to become more mainstream. This year we had Drake, Bruno Mars and Kanye West as the most widely recognised rap artists of 2016, and almost all albums have been clean, boring, manufactured music with the exception of 4 your eyes only and 1992. But the black hole of no talent seems to have taken the rap industry into it’s grip. The emerging rap artists that have any talent are oh so few, and the main exhibition, Skylar Grey, is a good rapper, but she has been around for a while already, but rap is a new venture. Hopefully the new Eminem record will come out soon so we can distract ourselves from 24K Magic and Hotline Bling, and the age of overrated rappers will come to an abrupt end.



This is one of the only genres that has benefited from 2016. We’ve had Green Day’s Revolution Radio, Sum 41’s 13 voices, Bon Iver’s 22 a million, Kings of Leon’s WALLS and a truckload of other solid albums. Of course there were drawbacks such as two door cinema club’s futile attempt at an electronic album and the new Blink 182 album (it was good but a clear cash grab) but across the board there have been great albums and we cannot argue with the results as the genre becomes stronger by the year.