The black parade/living with ghosts 10th anniversary 

I know this is a bit late as it came out two months ago, but rediscovering MCR as my favourite artist made it something I have to review. The black parade was and still is a monumental album that I consider as the joint best album ever created and is only on par with american idiot (the rock opera that changed the world)and the true lives of the fabulous killjoys (my chemical romance wins again and although most critics see it as a good but not amazing album, the hidden meanings that embodies everything that MCR stood for and SING being a farewell to MCR fans makes it a truly magnificent piece).

The emotion that Gerad Way brings to the black parade is so poignant and the demos and rough mixes bring a rawness that i didn’t see in the original album, although I will revisit it as i’m getting the original album for £2. I am so happy that they did not feature the dissapointment that is Twenty One Pilots cancerous cover of cancer in the wretched  Rock sound *tribute* album (imitates vomit noise) and it’s enough  to satisfy my lust for new MCR material even though I will never get to see them live (sobs). 

Anyway, it is good enough to listen to every single day so if you haven’t heard it yet then stop reading this and start listening to this album. 

Since this album is 10/10 and this has new content, I’m giving it a 10

Rating: 10/10