Tron: legacy review

Having not seen the original, i don’t know the standard that it holds up at, but I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t fall into numerous cliches and not leave room for much character development. It is a pleasure to watch visually, but the plot holes and the repetition turns it into the mediocre reboot it was doomed to be. The shock value is great and the action sequences are stunning, but under the 3D, dazzling blockbuster is the bland 2D feeling that you can never really connect with the characters enough to feel empathy for anyone, and the only character that I genuinely liked was Zeus, with a sort of guardians of the galaxy drunk collector kind of vibe. Disney’s movies are seeming to become more watchable but less pleasing as time goes on, a financial move that most people will shun. However it still sells movie tickets, and Disney seems to have abandoned their dream of true entertainment in favour of cash. Nonetheless, it has a strong drive and despite the lack of emotionality, it will do for now to keep the franchise afloat.