The Extra-Terrestrial (E.T)

Rarely has any movie director, even Steven Spielberg made a movie that manages to be family friendly and yet so emotionally poignant. This movie shows the best of humanity and friendship and creates a visually stunning masterpiece that could have been written in the early 00’s. It has the twice the charm of most 80’s movies without needing profanity or much swearing to boost it, and leaves you with a satisfied feeling that is similar to having just eaten a 10 foot long pizza. And unlike most family blockbusters, it does not fall prey to excessive consumerism and false marketing. The storyline is flawless, and mixes comedy and action. However, the last act is what truly wins the 5 stars that it has been gifted with. Each scene is hand crafted with a tear-jerking, monumental experience and is the one of the most emotional parts of any movie ever and creates a feeling unparalleled to any movie I have ever seen.

E.T is a pleasure to see and a must watch for any movie fan.