PIL (Public Image Limited)-Metal box album review

A reissue of this album was recently released, so i decided to give it a try and boy was I surprised! Here’s my rundown:

In short this album is a nirvana, grunge, punk, gorillas, plastic beach, demon days, crunchy album that sounds like it was written by a psychotic drunk  and somehow makes itself compelling, repelling and insane at the same time. It is the punk equivalent of psychedelicitity and it is absolutely great. John Lydon’s vocals contribute to the epic overall feeling of the sound, and while it is not easy listening at all, the feeling of something slowly being twisted into madness like a nail and spiralling into their death throes. So like blackstar driven into overdrive. In fact, the album is so twisted that there is nothing that is truly similar to it. Things like the opening track being 10 minutes long creates an aesthetically cumbersome, torturous album that leaves you speechless as your brain is mushed to a level that is only seen on Napalm Death or Slipknot albums and truly leaves you with the feeling you’re stuck in a metal box. 

Rating: 10/10