Gameshow review

Not knowing Two Door Cinema Club before this album was released, I honestly expected this album to be another forgettable pop album. But a strong inspiration by EDM and disco hits of the 80’s has turned it into something better. Despite this, it’s delivery is not as strong, working as background music but not standing out as an album I would be able to listen without doing something else. In addition, some of the more experimental tracks on the album fail to deliver such as lavender, a track that attempts mainstream rap but fails miraculously. This album is not helped by the fact that it’s earlier fans will most likely despise the style of the album, the artists originally being an indie group when this sounds nothing like indie and seems to belong on an empire of the sun album. However, they return to true form with the title track, it’s live version that puts more emphasis on the bass and is a glance to what we hoped this album would be which is accompanied with sucker, a mix of everything we have seen by this artist and bearing a hint of twenty one pilot style vocals in the middle of the track


Best tracks: Gameshow, Gameshow (live edition), Sucker