1992 review

Now i haven’t listened to any of the Game’s albums prior to this, but i’d be willing to bet that this is pretty good for him. This album leans towards the R&B side of hip hop. The album starts out slowly, the artist seemingly trying to churn out a forced story but by the second track, the level of storytelling is stunning, a poignant, coherent creating a beautiful piece of artwork I have never seen in hip hop, a tale of brutality in the inner cities of the United States and his life before he was singed by dr.dre. The story continues throughout the album, serving as an autobiography. This continues, the only problem being the intro to however do you want it, a slightly strange piece by background singers. However, it returns to form after the 1st minute. 

This album is truly groundbreaking, and essential for any hip hop fan. The explicit themes and language remain present throughout the album, but are necessary to give the emotional impact.This is the best album of the year and perhaps the best album of the decade